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The art of fettling

I’ve had my new home cinema toys for a few weeks now, and I’ve had a very enjoyable time getting everything up and running and configured just the way I like it. Sometimes that is the best part of getting … Continue reading

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No half measures

As you may be aware, I’ve done a lot of tinkering with various distributions of Linux on my Eee 901 netbook over the past few months (mainly due to the evangelism of my mate Rich). I’ve tried Mandriva, Eeebuntu, Ubuntu, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 9.04 on the Eee PC 901 – U, K or X?

So you’ll no doubt be aware that a while back I wrestled with trying to get a fully-functional version of Ubuntu onto my Asus EeePC 901, and had to jump through some fairly complicated hoops to get it all working. … Continue reading

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Cancel my last – just do it the jaunty way

Feel free to ignore everything I’ve written up to now about installing Linux on the EeePC. It has become officially irrelevant. If you want a fully working install of Ubuntu without all the buggering about, then just get yourself the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 8.10 – fully working on an Eee near you

So you’re probably aware that I’ve been doing quite a bit of tinkering with Linux recently, and you’re also probably aware that I installed Eeebuntu 2.0 NBR onto my EeePC. Whilst it’s a good solution, it does need rather a … Continue reading

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