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Ubuntu 9.04 on the Eee PC 901 – U, K or X?

So you’ll no doubt be aware that a while back I wrestled with trying to get a fully-functional version of Ubuntu onto my Asus EeePC 901, and had to jump through some fairly complicated hoops to get it all working. … Continue reading

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Cancel my last – just do it the jaunty way

Feel free to ignore everything I’ve written up to now about installing Linux on the EeePC. It has become officially irrelevant. If you want a fully working install of Ubuntu without all the buggering about, then just get yourself the … Continue reading

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Linux me up

If you’ve been following any of my tweets over the last few days, you’ll be aware that I’ve been putting a toe in the Linux water and trying to find a distribution suitable for both my EeePC and my desktop … Continue reading

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Please let it be true

So then… according to MacRumors, the interwebs seem to believe that there’s an Apple netbook/tablet in the works. Lots of gossip amongst news agencies including Reuters and Dow Jones about Apple placing a large order for 10-inch touchscreens. Whether it’s … Continue reading

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