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Video games – DS, Wii, Xbox 360

Nintendo DS wi-fi workaround

In my continuing “ways I’ve found to overcome technology problems” series, I’ve just found a good way of taming the truculent wi-fi on my Nintendo DS Lite. When set to “auto everything” mode, I could NOT get it to connect … Continue reading

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Touch the Snake…

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPod Touch, you might be as excited as me about this… Of course, it could end up being pants, but the concept is quite tantalising.

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A curious notion has been swilling around in my head for some time now regarding “our” relationship with the physical media I love so much. Were it not for the books, CDs, DVDs, computer games, photo albums and vinyl records … Continue reading

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Wholly unnecesssary

Much to the despair of my better half, I’ve just spent ten US dollars on a piece of really cool – but utterly pointless – software called Delicious Library. You may be aware of it already (it has been around … Continue reading

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All Cabled Up

My 360 audio dongle arrived today, and I’ve just plumbed it in – HDMI and optical audio living side by side in perfect harmony! Wonderful. I also indulged in a Nintendo component cable for the Wii, rather than using SCART. … Continue reading

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