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Moving on up

I’ve recently noticed that my last blog post was way back in February, and now we’re in the middle of June – so let me apologise for my lengthy absence. I do have a good excuse though. It would appear, … Continue reading

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2010 Gadget Review of the Year

Back in both 2004 and 2005, I wrote “Reviews of the Year” on my old blog, summing up the previous twelve months and the gadgets that had come and gone. I must admit, there was much more to write about … Continue reading

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New Apple TV – installation and setup

As you’re probably aware from my terribly geeky unboxing video, I’ve got my hands on one of the new 2nd-generation Apple TVs this week. I thought I’d go through what I’ve learnt from setting it up and using it, in … Continue reading

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New Apple TV unboxing

Well, it has arrived – and I thought I’d have a go at doing a brief unboxing video for you. So here it is in all its glory… I’ll post a proper update once the AppleTV is actually up and … Continue reading

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On iPods and AppleTV – a response to Apple’s media event

Having decided to wait until the cold light of day before posting a response to Apple’s 1st September media event – in order to minimise the effect of the Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field – I find myself marginally impressed … Continue reading

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