Unboxing the Wileyfox Storm

A while back, I became aware of a pair of new Android phones coming to market from a British startup called Wileyfox. They were offering two phones, the Swift and the Storm. The idea seemed to be along the same lines as OnePlus, with their imaginatively-named “One” and “Two” phones – cram in decent specs and sell them at a very low price.

I had decided that I was going to venture into ‘phablet’ territory with my next phone, so the 5.5-inch Storm seemed like a good proposition, and the £199 price tag sealed the deal. I pre-ordered on Amazon, but didn’t hold out much hope for getting one in the initial batch as these were bound to be popular.

However, yesterday, much to my surprise, my Storm was delivered. I’m not going to try and review the phone after less than 24 hours with it, but I did take some unboxing photos which I’ll share a few of in this post, and the full set of high-res versions are over on Flickr.

A proper review will follow, when the “new toy objectivity-removal effect” has worn off. In the meantime, initial impressions are favourable, and enjoy the photos.

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