Anker 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable

IMG_20150206_181136671I received another review product from Anker today, this time in the shape of their 3.5mm premium auxiliary audio cable. It’s 1.2m (4ft long), and comes in a very fetching shade of red (although it’s also available in black). I’ve been after a decent 3.5mm aux cable for a while, as the one I currently use in the car with my phone is an old one that I found in the bottom of a box of old computer bits I had lying around, and due to a loose connection rarely gives a stereo signal!

This Anker cable is a far more substantial affair, and seems to genuinely deserve the “premium” part of its name. It’s flexible, yet still strong, and the metal plugs at each end are nicely attached with strengthening collars, and they fit with a good, positive “click” when plugged in.

IMG_20150206_181527529The cable works just as it should, and feels like it’ll stand the test of time.

IMG_20150206_181622594More than just that though, I thought I’d mention the packaging that the cable came in. So often you get a product like this in an unnecessarily complicated plastic blister pack that’s impossible to get into, and then has to be thrown into landfill to get rid of it. The Anker packaging, on the other hand, is compact and entirely made of cardboard. This means that it’s cheap (keeping the cost to the buyer down) and it’s easily recyclable.

All round, a nice product.

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