It always happens at New Year

It’s now just over two years since I posted anything to this blog. I’ve absolutely no idea where that time went, or what I was doing that was so important that I couldn’t type one lousy blog post but there we are.

For some reason, when New Year comes around I’m suddenly filled with good intentions regarding blogging (look through the archives for evidence) and this year is no different.

I’ve squirrelled away all the previous incarnations to Blogger, installed a shiny new WordPress theme (which will surely make all the difference), put the app on my phone and here we are, ready for (another) clean start.

I’ve got a few new gadgety items sat here, courtesy of my birthday (40! Officially old) and Christmas, and I’m going to try and write just a few lines about each of them as and when I get a chance.

See you on the other side.

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