Anker Lightning cables

The nice people at Anker ( sent me a pack of their MFi-certified Lightning cables to try out.


There are two cables in the box, one white and one black, although you can buy them singly or pairs in matching colours. Notably, they are MFi certified, which means they’re manufactured to the same stringent standards as Apple’s own cables. This is definitely a good thing, as horror stories of cheap, uncertified, third-party cables malfunctioning or worse still, melting, are not uncommon.


I’ve been on the lookout for an extra Lightning cable for a while, as only having the one that came with my iPad is rather limiting. The thing that has stopped me from buying one up to now is that the official Apple ones are expensive (£15) and I’ve already mentioned why you shouldn’t trust a cheap knock-off.

At the time of writing, this twin pack will set you back £12.99 at Amazon, or you can buy a single cable for £6.99.


The cables are constructed well, with good strengthening around the plugs, and they generally feel like a decent product. They’re marginally thicker than an Apple Lightning cable, but that’s probably no bad thing.

They work just as they should, and in use give a good solid connection at both ends.

It’s obvious when you’re using something cheap and nasty, as the product’s shortcomings are very obvious. In this case, the fact that these cables are wholly unremarkable must mean that they’re doing something right.

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