Cinematic 2

Well I’m pleased to say that the grand home cinema room project is now finished! Carrying on from where we left off last time, I’ll talk you through the pictures.

The next steps were to paint and wallpaper prior to laying the floor.


Then I set about laying the laminate flooring (something which I had never tried before, but which was thankfully pretty easy).


And once the floor was down, I hung the curtains.


Next job was to tidy everything up with new skirting board and architrave. I had it delivered pre-cut into approximately correct lengths, so I painted it prior to installation – note the improvised system to raise it up off the floor!


I chickened out of fitting the skirting myself – I know a rather good joiner who came and did it for me (took him about 2 hours – it would have taken me all day and it still wouldn’t have looked as good).

Once the DIY was all finished, I went shopping!


And then came the fun part – getting everything up and running! All the components (with the exception of the TV) were the same as the ones in my old house, so I was familiar with the setup and it all came together very quickly.

Here’s some photos of the finished result:






So there you go – finished! I’m really pleased with how it has turned out, and after the grand premiere (Avatar, in case you were wondering) I’m very impressed with the sound and picture too. Already I’m starting to think of future upgrades (better speakers? Wall mount the telly? Projector?) but for now, this is very nice indeed.

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