Moving on up

I’ve recently noticed that my last blog post was way back in February, and now we’re in the middle of June – so let me apologise for my lengthy absence. I do have a good excuse though.

It would appear, that after much stress, we’re moving house at the end of this week. We put our house on the market at the beginning of March, and finally, last weekend we exchanged contracts on our new property.

I hadn’t realised quite what an all-consuming exercise moving house would turn out to be. Between that and work I’ve done nothing else in the meantime. There have been no new gadgets, and no new projects at all – obviously they’ve all been on hold pending the move.

What this does mean – now that we’re finally going – is that the new house will present all kinds of new opportunities for gadgets, tech and tinkering. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Some ideas that I’ve had so far:

  • A wired gigabit whole-house network
  • A dedicated home cinema room, possibly with a projector
  • A Network Attached Storage media library
  • An Apple TV and Airport Express house-wide audio/video system
  • A new, upgraded, bigger, better lounge hi-fi

I dare say there will have to be some decorating and general DIY that will have to come before any of these projects, but it’s nice to have a plan isn’t it?

As a starter for ten, I’ve got the Virgin Media engineer coming on Monday to install my new Tivo system so at least that’s one new gadget to be getting on with. I’ve also got a new Fatman iTube valve amplifier/iPod dock system on the way courtesy of Audio Affair, which I won in one of their Twitter competitions last week. Once I’ve unpacked all those cardboard boxes I’ll try and blog about both these additions to my gadget world. Stay tuned, and bear with me please… this may take some time!

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