Opening up the Market: HTC Legend UK update

I was pleasantly surprised to discover my new HTC Legend alerting me to the fact that it had a firmware update waiting for me earlier today. I knew there was one in the pipeline to address the Market issues that I alluded to in my last post (a number of mainstream apps missing for the Legend) but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. As far as I can tell it’s an update specifically for UK Legend users on the Vodafone network.

I was given the option of downloading it there and then over my 3G connection, or to wait until there was a wifi connection available. It was only 9MB but I decided to go for the wifi option. The update sat patiently in my notification bar until I returned home, and then it promptly started downloading.

About 5 minutes later, after download, install and restart, I checked the phone’s Software Information screen (to get there, go to Settings -> About Phone -> Software Information) and then listed at the bottom was the all-important Software Number, listed as I had been upgraded!

I promptly checked the Android Market and sure enough, all those essential (but previously missing) apps I had been looking for had now appeared. I’m now set up with the full complement of apps that I wanted and pleasingly, they’re all pretty much identical to their iPhone counterparts. I’ve got a few Android-specific ones in there for good measure as well. In no particular order then, here’s what I’ve got (links are to the webpage specific to the Android app):

Evernote – Note-taking app, allowing you to upload photo notes, audio notes and text notes to your online scrapbook for later reference and searching.
Dropbox – Access to your Dropbox and its contents, and again letting you upload files direct from your phone
Shazam – For quick and easy identification of music that you hear, but don’t know what it is!
WordPress – Blog tools and management
Opera Mini – Good browser for when your 3G connection is slow
Google Listen – Podcast downloads, playback and search
NewsRob – RSS reader that syncs with your Google Reader feeds with excellent user interface, and offline caching
BBC News – App for direct access to all of the stories on BBC News
Google Sky Map – Point your phone at the night sky and the app will tell you what constellations you can see
c:geo – Geocaching app allowing you to locate and manage Geocaches, also syncs with your account
My Tracks – Lets you record your journey on Google Maps, complete with times, speeds, elevation etc and upload it
Barcode Scanner – Useful for price comparisons, and increasingly for finding and downloading other apps via QR codes
Astrid – Task manager and to-do list

Any others I should have? Let me know in the comments.

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