Piping hot

As you will almost certainly be aware, I don’t have an iPhone. And you will also be aware that I really want an iPhone but can’t afford one. So I’m making do with a Nokia E63 smartphone instead, and the biggest frustration with this solution is that I can’t avail myself of some of the really useful apps available for the iPhone.

I like the fact that you can upload photos and text to a variety of sources through the iPhone – apps like Evernote, Flickr, Twitter and so on. The iPod Touch (which I love) doesn’t have the camera nor the “always on” connectivity so although it has the apps, it doesn’t have the hardware.

I’ve found a fairly decent solution for my Nokia via the wonders of Pixelpipe. You set yourself up with a free account, download the software to your phone and then set up your “pipes” – essentially which services you want to connect to. I’ve enabled Twitpic, Facebook, Flickr, Evernote and Blogger. You can write text items or attach photos to individual posts and then select their destination. You can upload to all your services simultaneously, or select which pipes you want to use by using a simple tagging system. Once you hit the upload button, your post appears as if by magic on the internet. It all works very well.

Highly recommended for those of us “slumming it” in the land of Symbian…

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