2010 – The year we make contact?!

So it’s customary around this juncture to say things like “Happy new year”, so erm… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In the past, I’ve liked to tell the world my new year’s resolutions on this blog (here, here and here), but to be honest I don’t really have many this time around. Nothing important or interesting enough to share with you all anyway.

I have decided to do a bit more of this blogging malarkey though – apologies for being a bit lacklustre recently.

Things are largely the same here, with the addition of some new gadgets courtesy of Santa: A very nice pair of Grado SR80i headphones, and a 22″ Samsung LCD television for the bedroom.

My purchasing plans for the coming twelve months are modest (not as much spare cash floating around when you’ve got children) but I do have my eye on an Apple Magic Mouse, and if the predictions about the Apple tablet computer come to fruition I may have to do some serious saving to get my hands on one.

But for now, that’s about it from me. We’ll talk again soon, yes?

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