Joi to the world

If you follow my Twitter feed you may have heard me mention a little application that I downloaded for my Nokia E63 called Joikuspot. It’s a very clever little program that uses the phone’s 3G connection and wi-fi to create a little personal hotspot for you to use to get internet access.

I’m pleased to report that it works incredibly well, particularly bearing in mind that it’s free. There is a “premium” version but I’m quite happy to look at a landing page in my browser when first logging on in exchange for not having to pay!

As you might expect with plain old 3G, you’re not going to set the internet alight with amazing download speeds (I’m getting about 256kbps) but when you’re without a web connection, then it’s a very neat option. It’s essentially doing what the Three Mi-Fi does, but at very little cost. My phone network (Virgin) gives you 24 hours of unlimited browsing for just 30p, so for the few times I need to jump on the web away from home its perfect.

In fact, my Eee PC is connected via Joikuspot as I sit here and type this in a local (wifi-less) coffee shop. There’s not many times that my budget Nokia phone option gets one over on my iPhone using friends, but this is one such occasion.

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