Essential upgrade – maybe

Word on the street (i.e. internet) says that there will be a new version of the iPod Touch arriving as early as September this year. And, if rumours are to be believed, it could come complete with everything from a built-in camera to a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

The things I would most like to see, and the things that are most likely to be included in the update, are a camera (hopefully the autofocus/macro model from the iPhone 3GS) and the GPS capabilities (also from the iPhone). These two things would make the Touch even more indespensable than it already is. The number of apps that would benefit from a camera are immense, and equally GPS for being properly “location aware” would be brilliant. Less likely, but also high on my personal wishlist, would be a built-in microphone. I’m guessing a processor speed bump and more RAM are a given, as is the version 3.0 OS.

However, if these things really were included the the third-gen Touch, wouldn’t it be straying just a bit *too* far into iPhone territory? Already it’s 75% iPhone, and these additions would push it to about 90%. The only thing missing would be the telephony features. I’m thinking that Apple would be wary of eating into its iPhone sales (and associated revenue from the stupidly long and stupidly expensive tarriffs).

Needless to say though, if they did manage to put a camera and GPS in the next model, mine would be straight on eBay and I’d preorder the day it was announced – providing it can come in at a sensible price. Let’s hope that the money men at Apple see the sales opportunities for a better Touch and don’t fret too much about their iPhone contracts…

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