And… thanks for nothing.

So the WWDC keynote has been and gone, and it was all a bit… well… meh.

The iPhone 3.0 OS looks like a good upgrade, but it wasn’t exactly a surprise as it was announced months ago – and if I want it on my iPod Touch it’ll cost me, whereas iPhone users get it for free. What’s that all about?! But it’s definitely worth the outlay as it will give me the ability to CUT, COPY, PASTE AND UNDO!!

As for Snow Leopard, again it looks like a worthwhile step forward. And the best bit? Only $29! That’s a serious bargain. Oh, wait… what’s this?! Intel only? Ah. Not for me, this brave new world. There will be no snow on my ageing G5 Leopard.

And so on to the much anticipated new iPhone hardware – the iPhone 3GS! Marvel at the camera that is THREE WHOLE MEGAPIXELS WHICH CAN RECORD FRICKIN’ VIDEO! Gasp in wonder at the introduction of HSDPA! WHOA! What is this, 2007?!

Way to go Apple. Sometimes you disappoint me greatly. But I still love you. I think.

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