I almost didn’t notice it was spam…

Tin of spamI was checking through the recent comments I’ve received on my postings earlier on, and as I was going through and deleting all the obvious Cyrillic-character rubbish and adverts for Viagra, I ALMOST DIDN’T NOTICE THIS LITTLE BEAUTY WAS SPAM. Honestly – it could almost have been a real comment couldn’t it?! Incidentally, I’ve deleted out the hyperlinks just in case anyone felt the urge to click through.

“Once in a while my internet disconnects and reconnects all eveningand one day every 2-3 weeks. stiga quickplay indoor outdoor table tennis table. It’s bewildering, seeing as flanders valley proper for flanders valley the most part0 my internet works penalize and is trouble-free. sampras tennis star sampras tennis star. Although the infrequent cosmos of the disconnections is not all that bothersome,lee on solent tennis clublee on solent tennis club it is EXTRAORDINARILY annoying and apt to the character of my deal with I ask for a unchanged, sure and unwearied connection at all times.”

Yeah. Good point, well made. Couldn’t have said it better myself. SPAM FAIL.

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