Wi-fi to go

As you may recall (if you’ve been here before) I recently got myself an Airport Express for the purpose of streaming music from my iMac to my hifi, in conjunction with my iPod Touch and the Remote app. This, as I’ve already reported, works wonderfully.

I was off to my folks’ for the Easter weekend, and I was wondering how I would manage for four days with no wi-fi. Although they have broadband, it only goes directly to their desktop machine and nowhere else. I figured I could take my Airport Express with me, and somehow get it to broadcast a wi-fi signal – thereby allowing me to use my iPod Touch and netbook.

I wasn’t entirely sure about the best way of doing this (and I’m not even sure this is the correct way now), but allow me to share how I got it all to work.

The AE has a feature built in to the setup software which allows you to set up profiles. Basically a profile is a batch of settings instructing the AE to function in a certain manner. My default profile was to connect as a client device to my home wifi network and stream music from my iMac. However, I knew when I got to my parents’ that this wouldn’t work. I needed it to accept the broadband signal via its ethernet port and then act as a wifi base station to broadcast the signal. So I set up a second profile telling the AE to work in the fashion, then packed it in my bag and set off.

Upon my arrival, I plugged in the Airport Express, but the setup software on my netbook simply would *not* find the device at all. I began to wonder how I’d ever manage to switch to my other profile if I couldn’t connect to the AE in the first place. After some Googling (on the desktop machine of course!) I discovered that I needed to reset the AE. I held down the reset button for a few seconds, and when the light flashed I knew it had reset itself.

Sure enough, straight away the AE appeared in the Airport software, and it asked me which of my saved profiles I’d like to enable. I chose the new one that I’d set up before I left, and then the unit rebooted. When it restarted, it began broadcasting the wi-fi, which I was able to connect to with both my Eee and my Touch. Result!

Upon my return home, I reversed the process – reset the unit, selected the original profile in the Airport software and it was back in client mode. Simple when you know how…

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