Download gMail Mobile app v2.0 for Nokia/Symbian

gMail logoIf, like me, you’ve been wrestling with your Nokia Symbian S60 smartphone trying to get it to download the new gMail Mobile 2.0 app via your phone’s browser (which is a well-documented issue), I’d suggest heading here and downloading it straight to your computer instead. Then you can bluetooth or sync it to your phone directly and Robert’s your mother’s brother. For some reason Google doesn’t want you to do it like this, but it’s so much quicker and easier than doing it the “proper” way.

And whilst I’m dispensing advice, I’ve just discovered Foxmarks, a Firefox add-on which keeps your bookmarks synced across multiple machines. Just what I’ve been looking for! And if you want to try it out, they’ve just released betas for Internet Explorer (why would you be using that?!) and Safari too.

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