Wholly unnecesssary

Much to the despair of my better half, I’ve just spent ten US dollars on a piece of really cool – but utterly pointless – software called Delicious Library. You may be aware of it already (it has been around a while) but essentially it’s a cataloguing/library management tool for keeping track of DVDs, video games, CDs and books. It’s Mac only (because it’s too cool for Windows) and the killer feature – purely because it’s so beautifully geeky – is that it scans the barcodes on your media in order to import it into the libray. You can do this via a firewire camera or if you’re lucky enough to have a Mac with a built in iSight camera then you can use that instead.

I can’t begin to tell you about the unadulterated peurile joy I’ve been having scanning in all my DVDs and games. I still need to do my CDs, but that’s a mammoth task for another day!

At the moment, due to being stuck in the Mac dark ages with OSX 10.4 Tiger, I’ve had to limit myself to version 1.66 as opposed to the new and very shiny version 2.0 which only runs on Leopard.

And whilst I’m on the subject of OSX upgrades, I’ve been reading that OSX 10.6 “Snow Leopard” will only be for Intel-based Macs. So that’s me stuffed then. I was going to miss out 10.5 altogether and jump straight to 10.6, but that now looks like it won’t be possible. So is 10.5 the end of the road for my dearly beloved G5 iMac? It certainly looks that way.

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  1. richbos says:

    Sounds awesome to me and most definately worth a few $'s (or even for a few $'s more…LOL).As for Leopard, I must admit I do like it a lot and have been enjoying it's whizzy wonderfulness for 9 months or so now (how time flies). I too had to upgrade due to software reasons, although for me (initially) it was so's I could run JOOST in New York to watch the Tour de France (although, as I discovered, they didn't even show it…..bah..!), still, it was all worth it and you do reap the benefits (CS3 simply flies along for example) and I couldn't run do other uber geeky things like run my virtual instances of Linux in Virtual Box, nor would I have ended up with this lovely MacBook Air.I really didn't want to get rid of my G5 either but sometimes you just gotta do what a mans gotta do…..it's just a shame it would be such hardship to HAVE to buy a sparkly new Mac…..life can be tough.

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