Tweety Pie

After becoming increasingly disillusioned with the chav-tastic mess that Facebook is becoming, I decided (rather than delete my FB account completely, although I was sorely tempted) to take the plunge with Twitter. So I’ve got myself an account, and I’ve set everything up to update Facebook using my tweets. No need to constantly go to Facebook anymore, but not cut off from it completely. Ideal. Also, my most recent tweets should show up over there in the sidebar… hopefully. If you’re a Twitter user, feel free to follow me here.

*** Update 25/01/09 ***

No, sorry. It’s no good. I’ve had to take it a step further. I’ve stopped updating Facebook entirely, opting to steer people towards my Twitter page if they’re even remotely interested in what I’m doing. I figure those tech-savvy enough will do it, and everyone else won’t bother. Which is fine by me. I think I’ve become a technology snob. Frankly, Facebook is now largely the preserve of Sun-reading Jeremy Kyle fans. And that won’t do at all.

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