OSX Address Book & gMail contacts – import workaround

My OSX Address Book is usually my most up-to-date list of all my contacts. Every so often I iSync my Nokia N73 with it, and my iPod Touch syncs every time I plug it in via iTunes. I also, from time to time import my Address Book into my gMail contacts list as well.

In order to do this – because gMail can’t seem to get its head around a native Address Book importer – you need some third party software to export your contacts as a CSV file and then import that into gMail. I have used A to G in the past, but I’ve recently found AB2CSV which offers more functionality.

However, I came up against a bit of a problem this morning. Every time I tried to import my latest CSV file, I just kept getting an error. Try as I might, gMail was just not playing. So I turned to the internet for help – someone must have cracked this problem. And sure enough, they have, over at Breakitdownblog. Turns out the new “improved” gMail interface is the problem. If you click the link at the top of your gMail window to revert to the “older version”, and then try it, your CSV file will import just fine and dandy. How very backward.

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