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I’m indulging in a new coffee/wi-fi experience today. Since being appraised of the free wi-fi available at Harrogate’s Cafe Latino, I thought I’d give it a go. Rather than leeching McDonald’s wi-fi through the walls of Costa (with it’s understandably low signal strength and bandwidth) I’m currently enjoying a very nice Americano (5p cheaper than Costa) and partaking of the excellent wireless service. I’ve not been in here before, but I’ll definitely be back. The ambience is great, and it’s bang in the middle of town. Good discovery!

However, the only thing that I can think of that would make this experience better is if I was typing this on a Apple netbook, rather than this Asus Eee. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great machine, and presently it’s the best of the bunch at what it does. However I love my Apple kit, and OSX is so much better than Windows. The hardware’s better designed and ergonomics and functionality are second to none. I know that Apple already make beautiful laptops (the new Macbook is awesome) but I don’t want a full blown laptop, I want something little like this Eee. There’s no question that Apple could make one, but will they? Who knows.

My other option – as I’m increasingly discovering – is to give in to the charms of the iPod Touch. I’m sat here listening to my much-loved 4G iPod, and surfing the web on a separate computer. I could be doing both on just one device. I’d also have my calendar and address book to hand aswell, rather than my paper ones.

I’d never replace my Moleskine though. That’d be silly.

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