Carrying on from my last post, which was about the “What’s In My Bag” Flickr group, I’ve found a site which has taken this concept and built an entire site around it.

Head over to EDCForums (EDC = Every Day Carry) and see just how geeky things can get.

As a result I’ve started to put together a little selection of “essentials” that are going to go into the Manbag in case of emergencies. I’ve grabbed a selection of cables (CAT5, USB, iPod connector) and stuffed them into a Ziploc bag, and I’ve just looked out my TurboFlame lighter and refilled it. I’ve already got a Leatherman Squirt, a small torch and a mini Sharpie in the Manbag, so I think I should be prepared for most geeky eventualities. Seems as though a length of Paracord and some duct tape are de rigeur too, so I shall need to find myself some of that.

I’ll keep you updated.

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