Azor – Worth the wait?

I’ve been anticipating the arrival of the King Of Shaves razor for what seems like years now. I’ve been religiously checking the website, I signed up for email updates and every time I go to the supermarket I check the men’s toiletries to see if it has sneaked in under the radar. So you can imagine how pleased I was when it was finally launched – called the “Azor” – with all the promised contemporary styling, minimalist packaging and low price. Excellent, just what I wanted. I rushed out and bought one – £4.99 for the razor and three blades.

But is it any good?

I’m pleased to report (thankfully) that it’s excellent. It certainly seems to live up to its own hype. The blades, as advertised, stay sharp for much longer than my Gilette Mach 3, and the handle is very ergonomic. Replacement blades work out at about £1.19 each as opposed to Gillette Fusion blades that come in at over two quid! Combined with King of Shaves Kinexium shave oil and King of Shaves Ultragel, it’s a very pleasant shave. Highly recommended – and certainly a pleasant feeling knowing that youre backing the underdog, not the massive global corporation.

Nice one Will King – I like your style.

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