I realise that it’s not actually a gadget as such, but it is gadget-related. The time has come to get myself a man-bag.

Since ditching the grotty rucksacks of my university days, I’ve had a succession of bags that I’ve used for work over the past ten years. They’ve all been much of a muchness – fairly ordinary things that hold a ring binder and a few other bits and pieces, but certainly nothing special. Functional, but most of all, they’ve been cheap.

After reading this article I’ve been inspired to take the plunge into the heady world of the “proper” manbag. As the article states, they are “practical portmanteaus for money, keys, phones, papers, books and valuables, without lugging an enormous briefcase or scruffy rucksack… Men are practical beasts, laden with more gadgetry than ever, from iPods to BlackBerrys, and realise they not only need a bag for work but could use a weekend bag and perhaps even a casual bag”.

Quite right too. I’m definitely in that category. I want something that looks good (dare I say it, expensive, even?) but that is practical, and just the right side of the masculine/feminine divide…

The thing is, everyone’s needs are different. I don’t have a PDA, I have a Filofax (it’s a deliberately retro statement) but I do have an iPod, a mobile phone and a Nintendo DS. I want to be able to pop in a book and maybe even a folder from time to time, but I don’t want it to be cumbersome or mis-shapen. It’ got to hold my keys and a wallet too. It’s a tough nut to crack.

In my search I’ve discovered the website eBags, and now I’m positively overwhelmed with choices. Problem is, without seeing the bag in the flesh (or, perhaps more accurately, the fabric) I’m not sure which one is right for me. I need some purchasing help…


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