Pixellation Fixation

After months of waiting, today was DS Lite day! I went and collected it at lunchtime today, but only had a brief chance to play with it. I switched it on, did the initial configuration, oohed and aahed about how pretty it was, and then put it back into its box. It was not until about 10.30pm that I got a chance to fire up a game. I bought two games – Tetris DS and Metroid Prime: Hunters. I opted to play Tetris first, so I slotted the cartridge in and prepared to play.

I had been playing for about two minutes when something in the corner of the screen caught my eye. What’s that? There was a small red dot in the upper right corner of the touch screen. How odd, I thought. Maybe it’s a programming glitch. I quit out of the game, and went back to the selection screen. But sure enough, there was the red dot again. Fearing the worst, I interrogated the internet. I went to Google, and with some trepidation, typed the fateful words “Nintendo DS Lite dead pixel”.

It would appear that I am not the only one to have a rogue pixel on my shiny new DS Lite. Inevitably, for any device that has an LCD screen (or two in the case of the DS), there are going to be some pixel defects. The old DS was noted to have them, and not even the mighty PSP is immune. In fact, the PSP seems to have had far more complaints about it’s defective pixels than the DS. Apparently it’s not uncommon for the PSP screen to have five or more dead or stuck pixels.

But I digress. My beautiful new DS Lite was defective. I kept trying to convince myself that it wasn’t that noticeable, and that it was only on the edge of the screen, not in the middle. Surely it wasn’t that bad? But now I KNOW THAT IT’S THERE it’s bugging the hell out of me. According to the internet, Nintendo are being very good about the whole issue and repairing any faulty units under warranty, but really I don’t want to send my brand new handheld off for repair! I want a new one.

God I’m petulant.

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