New, new DS Lite

I took the DS Lite back to Game. I showed the shop assistant my dead pixel. Fortunately, the gods of videogame shops were smiling on me. He was sympathetic to my cause. He said he wished he had the money to buy a DS Lite, and that if it were his, he’d want it to be perfect too. He went and got me another one.

He handed it over (without even looking at the receipt or ringing it through the till) and said “Better luck with this one”. I was sorely tempted to get it out of the box there and then to check for BIG NASTY DEFECTIVE ANNOYING PIXELS, but the growing queue behind me made me think otherwise.

I got the new DS Lite home, and (whilst praying to the mighty Miyamoto to spare me yet more torment) unpacked it. I pluggged in the Tetris cart, and switched it on…

Perfect. Pristine. Lovely.

My faith in gadgets has been restored. For now, at least.

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