Decision made

So I’ve spent all this time contemplating what colour of Nintendo DS Lite to get. Fortunately I got to see both of them in real life today, and at that point the decision got a lot easier.

There’s no doubt that the black one is nice, but it has to be the white one for me. It looks really slick and sophisticated, and there’s that crisp, clean air of Apple about it. It’ll match my iPod and iMac quite nicely.

So, Friday is release day. Not sure exactly what games I’ll be getting with it yet. We’ll have to see what’s what then. I reckon Tetris has to be a given, and as much as I hate to admit it, Nintendogs looks really good. I’m looking forward to playing the less “mainstream” games on it – and let’s face it, that’s what owning a Nintendo machine is all about.

Full report and “grand unveiling” photos on Friday.

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