Are we nearly there yet?

“It’s like a week of Christmas, but worse, because it brings only the hopes and dreams of presents to come.”

It’s E3 week again. Seems to have been ages since the last one (even though it has only been a year, obviously) but it’s finally here. Time for the annual merry-go-round of hyperbole and oneupmanship of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

I haven’t been genuinely excited about E3 since the year they were announcing the Gameboy Advance. Since then, it has all been a bit ho hum. There have been some interesting products, but nothing that has made me sit at my computer, logged on to all the gaming websites and continually hitting refresh every two minutes.

However, this year might be different. Unlike the technical hiatus of the last few years, we’re about to be treated to some hard-and-fast facts about these new next-gen machines – namely the PS3 and the Nintendo (I can still barely say it) Wii. Yes, we know stuff about them already, but not that much. Nintendo have the most secrets to divulge, and they could just steal the show if they have some truly exciting stuff. And if that happens, I’ll even stop caring about the stupid name…

And Microsoft? Well, they’ve already shown their hand. Last Christmas in fact. Everyone knows about the Xbox 360 already. Mind you, MS won’t let E3 pass without a few announcements of their own. And, almost certainly, there will be news of the one thing that may get me to buy a 360, providing the it’s enough of a crowd pleaser. And what’s that?

Halo 3.

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