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So, following on from my brief and slightly random post about the PSP/Nintendo DS Lite dilemma, I thought I’d follow it up.

Whilst flicking through magazines in Smith’s the other lunchtime, I read a report that reckons a new, slightly revised Sony PSP is due out soon. It’s almost identical to the existing PSP, but it has a second analogue stick on the right hand side of the unit to match the one on the left. This should make it much easier to play things like first-person shooters on the console, because you’d be able to replicate the control setup of larger consoles. I don’t know whether this is true or just a wild rumour, but it would seem to be a bad time to buy a PSP right now just in case a new one really is in the pipeline.

However, the PSP has a lot going for it. There’s no doubt that it’s a sexy-looking gadget. Its price is a bit steep (over £200 for the Giga Pack) but it does have a host of multimedia capabilities. The idea of watching one of my DVDs on it does have a certain appeal. I’ve also found out that it plays AAC files, which is what I’ve encoded my music collection as. The games – which are obviously the important thing – are really pretty good, and I can spot at least five that I’d really like to own.

But then we come onto the DS Lite. It’s not available in the UK yet – and there’s no release date on the horizon – but from what I’ve seen of the Japanese units, it’s a very desirable little console, and a huge leap forward from the slightly dodgy design of the original DS. It doesn’t have the multimedia potential of the PSP (so movies and music are out of the question) but the games are intriguing. Plus the fact that it should – hopefully – only cost about £80 when it hits the UK.

So does that make things any simpler? No, not really. Neither the DS Lite or the “new” PSP have official UK release dates yet, so my plan of getting one over easter seems to have been scuppered. I could go with the ordinary PSP, but I’ll be kicking myself if Sony release the new one about 6 weeks later.

This is getting a bit tricky. I can’t seem to decide. Any thoughts?

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