Oh, how we laughed. Not.

I did a huge search around the web trying to find out some more about this rumoured “PSP 1.5” – the one with dual analogue sticks – in order to ascertain if, and when, it was coming out in the UK. Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere. Not even any posts in forums about it. Which was more than a little strange.

So I began to wonder… is this really true? Would Sony really bring out an updated PSP so soon after the original? Why is no-one else reporting the story?

And then I realised. It’s April.

I went back into Smiths, and found the magazine where I’d first read the rumour (It’s called ‘Pure PSP’ if you’re interested). Sure enough, I hadn’t imagined it. There was the article, complete with a photograph of the new model. But then I noticed it. At the bottom of the text, it said “turn to the bottom of page 97 for more information”. So I did. And there it was…

“APRIL FOOL! There’s no such thing as a Sony PSP 1.5. We made it up, and photoshopped the image.”

How stupid did I feel?

But at least that makes the buying decision a little easier, knowing that there’s no imminent update to the PSP in the pipeline.

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