Burning a hole in my pocket?

So I’ve been away on my holidays over the past week, and I had promised myself that I’d buy a new gadget as a reward for all the long hours I have been doing at work. I had a Sony PSP in mind (see previous posts) but when I was in the shops, I couldn’t bring myself to part with over £250 for something that only seems to have a library of “been there seen it done it” games available for it. Yeah, okay, the multimedia aspect is great, but first and foremost it’s a games machine, and if there are no games that grab my attention, it’ll rapidly get very boring.

After doing some extensive browsing around, I could find far more games that I wanted for the Nintendo DS than for the PSP. Problem is, the DS Lite is just around the corner, and I couldn’t bring myself to buy something that would be obsolete almost as soon as I’d bought it.

This led me back to thinking about the Xbox360. A beautiful machine for sure, but the price of that thing is just astronomical. £280 for the console itself, and then £50 per game?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Particularly when I don’t even have a high def television.

So what could I buy? I had promised myself a gadget, but I couldn’t find one that I wanted. Or at least, not wanted badly enough. I even started thinking about a satnav for the car, but again, after finding out that the one I wanted was £300, I couldn’t justify the expense.

After thinking about it for over a week, I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to buy some games for my two existing consoles (as there are some great games I’ve never played which are now available very cheaply) and hang fire until the DS Lite is finally released in the UK. I’m also very taken with the Nintendo Revolution, which looks like it’s shaping up to be an awesome console, and may well be more deserving of a place under my telly than an Xbox360. Roll on E3 so we can all see what Nintendo have lined up.

So despite all the marketing hype and the “high definition multimedia wireless next-gen” bells and whistles, I’ve opted – for once – to keep my cash in my pocket and wait for the thing I actually WANT, rather than just buying what the magazines say I should have.

How’s that for progressive thinking?

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