The art of paper folding…

So then, what exactly is Microsoft’s Origami Project? There seems to be plenty of speculation about it on the web, but at this point, no-one is entirely certain. It would seem to be some kind of connected handheld computer. There’s a piece of video doing the rounds which allegedly shows the Origami. According to Microsoft the video is real, and was comissioned by them, but shows “old hardware” and not actually the Origami itself. There are some still images here if you can’t be bothered to watch the video.

There’s a date of 2nd March 2006 on the Origami Project site (which is tomorrow!). Whether that means the device will be fully unveiled, or just more teaser information will be released remains to be seen. I’m hoping they’re going to tell us exactly what it is, along with specs, prices and release dates, because it looks genuinely intriguing.

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