I’m trying to suppress a yawn…

So then… the Mac Expo has been and gone. And, to be honest, it was really very uninspiring.

Yes, they’ve put an Intel chip in the iMac. Yes, they’ve got a new laptop to replace the Powerbook, again with an Intel chip. Yes, they’ve updated iLife and released a new app called iWeb (but it only works with a .mac account). Yes, there’s an incremental update to OSX 10.4. Yes, Garageband now does Podcasting and iPhoto can support more pictures. Ooh, and don’t forget the remote control for your iPod.

SO WHAT?! COME ON APPLE! Where’s all the cool, innovative, “never saw that one coming” stuff? Where’s the media hub version of the Mac Mini? Where’s the PVR update to Front Row? Where’s the new iBook? Where’s the updated Shuffle? Where’s “Asteroid”?

Frankly, I’m disappointed.

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