High Resolution

Now it has been traditional (well, for the last three years at least) for me to announce my new year resolutions to the world at large, just to give me a bit of impetus to actually try and keep them. I’ve thought for quite a while about what it is that I want to achieve in 2006, and I’ve come up with some things. None of them are of particularly big consequence, but here we go:

1) Get outdoors some more and enjoy the fresh air.
2) Cycle more (this should help me to achieve resolution 1!).
3) Only drink proper coffee, not instant (shouldn’t be too hard, as I’ve grown to loathe instant coffee recently).
4) Take more photographs. I have a great camera, and I don’t use it enough.
5) Buy more clothes – preferably decent ones that I’ll actually wear. Hopefully this will include good shoes!
6) Get rid of the CDs that I no longer listen to. They’re just taking up unnecessary space.
7) Get to work earlier!

So there you have it. Nothing earth-shattering, but all worthwhile I think.

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