So, it’s that time of year again. The time when Apple afficianados the world over start getting giddy about what delights lie just around the corner. Yes, that’s right. The Macworld Expo. This is the annual event where Steve Jobs stands up – and with consumate showmanship – unveils an array of goodies that collectively turn the IT world upside down once more.

For those of us who love all things Apple, it’s an exciting time. Last year, we were treated to the Mac Mini, the iPod Shuffle and iLife 05. This year, it looks like we’ll have updates to all three (including some kind of media hub/PVR functionality for the Mini and a new app called iWeb which looks to be some kind of web design program). It’s also likely that there will be the first of the Intel-based machines on show, likely to be a newly-redesigned iBook.

So, we all wait with baited breath. The keynote starts at 5pm GMT. Updates to follow…

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