Brave New Music World…

Well, that’s it. Christmas is over and done with. Not much to report really.

However, I did take my first tentative steps into the world of the iTunes music store today. Mrs Lacey bought me a £15 iTunes music voucher, so I bought my first track just a few moments ago.

Now a while back, I pontificated on this blog about the fact that I didn’t want to buy music online and that I’d rather buy a real CD. Each to their own obviously, and I know some people get all their music via iTunes. However, I think I’ve discovered the perfect niche as far as I’m concerned. There are a few tracks that I love but I don’t want the entire album, and iTunes is perfect for this. For example, the track that I just bought is the Michael Buble/JXL Remix version of the Spiderman theme tune (weird eh?!). Now there’s no way that I want any of the other tracks from the Spiderman soundtrack, but this one tune is just fantastic.

So there you have it. I’ve purchased digital music. Only £14.21 left to spend now!

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