RAM bam, thank you ma’am

So there I was, casually browsing the Apple technical support pages (yes, I am a geek) I came across a knowledgebase article entitled “iMac G5: The benefit of using matching memory modules”. Intrigued, I read on, and they have this to say:

“If your iMac G5 has matching memory modules, which are known as “DIMMs,” it will operate with a 128-bit data path. If the DIMMs aren’t matched, then it uses a 64-bit data path. A 128-bit data path allows greater throughput than a 64-bit data path, in the same way that a 4-lane highway allows more traffic than a 2-lane highway. This allows the computer to manipulate large files faster. With a 128-bit bus, you would see better performance from the iMac when you have multiple applications open at the same time.”

So it would appear that, because I’ve just got the single 512MB stick of RAM that came preinstalled in the iMac, that I’ve only been working with a 64-bit data path. The sacrilege! I’ve been missing out of 64 bits of lovely data goodness ever since I got it out of the box!

Not wanting to be missing out on this potentially earth-shattering upgrade, I ordered another myself another 512MB of RAM from Crucial.com and it arrived yesterday. I haven’t had time to install it yet, but when I do I shall report back to let you know about the amazing performance enhancement it has given me…

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