It’s terminal (part 2)

Part two! The extra RAM stick is installed, and now Terminal says:

phil-laceys-imac-g5:~ Phil$ ioreg -p IODeviceTree -n memory -S | grep ram-
| “ram-layout-architecture” = <00000002>
| “ram-bus-width” = <00000080>

I’m slightly confused, as the “architecture” value is unchanged, but the “bus width” value is now 80 instead of 40.

So does that mean I’ve changed from 64-bit to 128-bit or not?!?

Startup from cold now takes 38 seconds (18 seconds faster), and iPhoto takes 9 seconds to load (6 seconds faster).

I’m not sure whether these speed improvements are down to just having twice as much RAM, a 128-bit pipeline or a combination of both.

I fear there needs to be some research done. I feel an email to Apple coming on. :o)

Not sure whether this is at all relevant, but 00000040 is hexadecimal for 64, and 00000080 is hexadecimal for 128.

Clear as mud.

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