I know that I keep harping on about the Firefox web browser, but there is a good reason. The BBC website reports that now 1 in 10 people use Firefox globally, and the percentage is still rising. And with good reason too – Firefox is a much better browser than Microsoft’s tired old Internet Explorer. According to the article, 14.1% of US computer users browse with Firefox, whereas it is only 4.9% in the UK. COME ON PEOPLE! What are you waiting for?! Download the Firefox browser now! There’s no excuse. It’s very easy, it’s free and it’s better than the crappy browser you’re using at the moment. Talk about a no-brainer!

I have both Firefox and Safari on my Mac, and both of them are leaps and bounds ahead of Internet Explorer. To be honest I can’t decide which one is better, but I do know that I prefer both of them to IE. However, you only have that luxury if you’ve got an Apple machine, so if you’re a Windows user this makes the choice very simple indeed. Firefox. Firefox Firefox Firefox.

So go on. Do yourself a favour. Get Firefox.

Okay. Browser evangelism over.

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