Video, Schmideo…

So Apple have finally released the video iPod – but I was fairly surprised to find out that it isn’t a completely different machine, they’ve just cleverly squeezed video playback into the existing design. Admittedly, there are a few cosmetic tweaks – including, if you can believe it, making the iPod thinner than the 4th generation model, even though it contains more hard disk space.

When I heard that a video iPod might be on the cards, I was envisaging a completely different kind of device that would sit alongside the music iPod but do a fundamentally different job. I’m quite pleased to say that the route they’ve decided to go down is much more elegant than that.

If you remember, they combined the ordinary iPod and the iPod photo a few months ago so that all new iPods had the colour screen and photo capability. Now they’ve taken it one step further and dropped that model completely in favour of the iPod video. This goes hand in hand with their decision to do away with the iPod Mini in favour of the iPod Nano. It’s quite a nice looking line up all in all.

It makes my 4th generation, monochrome screened, music-only iPod look a bit out of date – although I prefer to think that I’m a retro purist. And to be honest, this isn’t far from the truth – I don’t want my iPod to do video and photos, I just want it to be a music player. The majority of the time, I use it in the car, so the ability to play video and look at photos is really very redundant.

So there you go. Well done for all your innovation, Apple, but I’ll be sticking with my distinctly out-of-date iPod thanks very much.

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