Big Mac

So you may remember (after all, it was only a few days ago) that I ordered one of the new G5 iMacs, and therefore needed to sell my three-month old Mac Mini. Fortunately for my bank balance, that proved to be a very easy task as several colleagues were more than keen to stump up the asking price. Also – because the iMac has a built-in screen, I also found a buyer for my existing 17″ TFT screen.

Best thing of all, Apple – despite quoting a five day build time and three day delivery time – managed to get the iMac to me by Friday, meaning that I had the weekend to play with it!

I started off by backing everything up (I did a complete clone of my Mac Mini) to the external hard drive, and then I reinstalled Panther (OSX 10.3) on the Mac Mini so that it was back to factory settings, ready for its new owner. Once that was done, I boxed it all up, complete with all the original manuals and disks etc. Then I disassembled my TFT monitor and boxed that up (good thing I keep all the boxes!) and put that to one side. By the time I’d done all that, it was past midnight and the iMac was still in its box!

Not wanting to rush the “new gadget installation process” I waited until earlier today to get it all set up. Fortunately this was an incredibly easy process. One cable for mains power, and we were up and running. The install process found my bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and then seamlessly connected to my wireless network. After booting up, I copied by user file across to the iMac from the external drive and the job was done. Simple!

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