No turning back…

A friend of mine told me yesterday that he had sold his entire CD collection on eBay, as he now has them all stored on his computer as MP3 files, and therefore no longer needs the original discs.


I can’t see myself being in that position any time soon. I think I’m too worried that technology will change to the extent that it could make my digital music files obsolete. Over the last two years, I’ve already ripped my CD collection twice – once as WMA files, and then (after getting my Mac) as AAC. Who is to say that next year, another (better) format won’t turn up, making my AAC files out of date? If I don’t have the original CDs, how will I take advantage of this new technology?

This is the same quandry which has – up until now at least – prevented me from purchasing any music from the iTunes Music Store. I have no doubt that it’s an excellent innovation, and it’s very convenient, but not actually possessing a physical item is slightly disconcerting for me. I appreciate that I should (as a hardcore gadget freak) be advocating the completely digital approach, but I can’t do it. Not yet anyway. Follow my friend’s example at your peril…

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