I want that one… and that one…

Gentlemen, start your engines… it looks like Xbox 2 is here. Or rather, Xbox 360 as it now seems to be called. Various sites around the web have images that are allegedly the “real deal” – the final design that Microsoft will be unveiling at E3 in May. And if they’re accurate, then it’s a distinct improvement on the current Xbox.

For a start, it’s silver and shiny, rather than matt black, so they’re on to a winner straight away as far as I’m concerned. Then there are the system specs – apparently, the Xbox 360 contains three (yes, three!) IBM PowerPC processing chips, which are essentially the same ones that Apple use in their G5 machines, so there is some SERIOUS power in there. The controllers are wireless as standard, as is wi-fi networking. The hard-drive will be an add-on, but seems to me to be almost essential. And word on the street says that it’ll be in the shops in time for Christmas. Have a look at the Definitive Xbox 360 FAQ over at ign.com for more details and images.

Before then, however, is the Playstation Portable (PSP). The European launch date has now been confirmed as 1st September 2005, with a price of £179. Which is a bit pricey for sure, but it won’t stop me buying one on launch day!

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