It’s on its way…

I had an email on Saturday from Apple saying that my Mac Mini had been dispatched. They’re quoting a “2-3 working day” delivery time, so all being well it should be delivered to work on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I have ordered a new 17″ TFT monitor for Mrs Lacey so that she can finally be rid of the monster CRT screen that currently resides on her desk. In addition, she’s going to get my Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse, which I currently use with my PC (because the Mac is coming with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse) so she’ll be all set up with some nice new gadgets of her own.

I can feel a big “strip down and rebuild” of our desks coming on. The arrival of new gadgets is a perfect time for a spring-clean. I’ll remove everything from both our desks, unwire all the components, dust and polish, and then refit everything. As I’m sure you’re aware, cables get tangled up even if you never touch them, so it’s always good to get everything back in some semblance of order. It’s the only time I ever actively set out to do housework!

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