Happy New Year!

Well here we are then: 2005. Funnily enough, it seems just like 2004. At least so far it does.

So then, I suppose I had better start the year by declaring my resolutions, and then when it comes round to 31st December again, you can laugh at how many I failed to complete. I’ve carried some of the uncompleted ones from 2004 over to this year (just because they still seem valid and/or sensible) and I’ve got some brand new ones. I admit that none of them are particularly awe-inspiring or world-changing, but they are important to me. So there.

1) Buy an Apple Mac computer. I don’t know what sort, but I will buy one in 2005.

2) Successfully pass all my assessments and become a Special Police Constable.

3) Buy that expensive pair of shoes that I keep harping on about. Loakes probably.

4) Weigh eleven stone. I shall do this with the help of resolutions five and six (see below).

5) Eat breakfast.

6) Go to the gym at least twice a week.

7) Go skiing. Not sure where or when, but I do rather fancy it.

8) Organise my CD collection.

9) Avoid buying gadgets that I later regret and sell on eBay.

10) Update this website regularly.

I’m hoping that they’re all reasonably achievable. Some of them will be a challenge certainly, but none of them are impossible.

Anyway, happy new year to you all. Here’s hoping that 2005 is a good one.

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