Tried something completely new today – we went Geocaching! If you’ve never heard of it, the best place to find out is to check out the official website, but if I was to try and describe it succinctly, it would be “treasure hunting using GPS”. The idea is that people all over the world have hidden “Geocaches” – which are essentially plastic boxes full of little goodies and a notebook – and then published their coordinates (latitude and longitude) on the Geocaching website. Anyone that wants to find the “treasure” simply inputs the coordinates into their GPS unit (you have to have one otherwise you won’t get very far) and then trudges off into the wilderness to try and locate it. If you’re successful, you sign and date the log book, take one of the items from the cache and leave something else in its place. There you go, simple really.

So Mrs Lacey and I went over to Skipton with our friends Oli and Donna (Oli owns a GPS – a rather fetching Garmin 60CS) and went in search of a couple of Geocaches that were allegedly hidden in the area. And, surprisingly, we found both of them! Even though you know the coordinates, it’s still quite a challenge to find the caches themselves, because they’re well hidden. And in the first one, we found a soft toy with a Travel Bug attached to it, so we’ve removed it and are going to take him to a new home in the next couple of weeks.

It was cold and very windy, and we all got wet feet, and by the end of it we were knackered – but it was superb fun. I can see us going and doing it again soon.

Have a look at the photos from our geocaching exploits here.

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