It’s either my age (I am in my thirties now after all) or I’m losing my edge, but I bought a magazine called “Custom PC” the other day which is all about building your own computer and overclocking it to make it faster. Now I consider myself to be pretty up on that kind of thing, and I’ve built my last four computers myself, so I reckoned that the magazine would be just the thing for me, bearing in mind that I’m considering a computer upgrade in the near future.

But here’s the thing – and I’m quite appalled to admit this – but I don’t understand half of the articles in the magazine, and even I find it unbelievably geeky. Actually, no, scrap that. It’s not geeky, it’s for dweebs. I consider myself to be a geek, and wholly embrace the term, but “Custom PC” magazine is aimed at a whole strata of uber-nerds that I (thankfully) will never be able to compete with. I get the impression that its core audience is sad, spotty teenage boys in Nu Metal band hoodies who spend their lives in their bedrooms, building ultra-fast PCs and going to LAN parties. There’s even a section at the back of the magazine for people to send in photos of their own modded PCs. Guess what it’s called? “Reader’s Drives”.

Oh, please….

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