Well, this appears to be an interesting turn up for the books – Sony have FINALLY given what everyone has been asking for and added MP3 support to its latest Network Walkman. Only two months after releasing the NW-HD1 player (and it getting universally slated by every magazine and website ever) they have release the NW-HD3.

Essentially, the problem with all their previous players is that they have forced the owner into using their woefully inadequate SonicStage software, and converting all your music to ATRAC3 files – which, quite honestly, no-one in their right mind was going to do whilst the Apple iPod was kicking around for the same kind of money. So now, finally, Sony have conceded and produced this new player which has native support for MP3 and WMA files. No AAC though, so it could still be better, but some magazines are already heralding this as an “iPod killer”. I’ll believe that when I see it.

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